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About Tenergy Services

The company

Tenergy Services is a young, fast-growing organization operating from a central location in the Netherlands. With an enthusiastic team, we guarantee a high-quality and optimal service on a 24/7 basis.
Tenergy has its own software development team, which can be used to quickly respond to changes in market requirements or custom requests. In addition to field sales, a help desk is always available to help customers with questions.

In addition, an operations department with high-quality employees in the office provides solutions for technical customer questions and its own employees along the road at customer locations for technical installation systems and products. Custom products and projects are developed by our own engineering in coordination with other market parties involved.


To guarantee continuity of service, an advanced hosting center in Amsterdam is used. Tenergy processes are monitored 24 hours a day in this data center. Backups are made and stored every day at a remote location.

The maintenance and innovation of services is done from the office in Hagestein where the development and operations departments are housed. Coordinated the sales activities and administration from the Drogeham location.