Energy supply

About Tenergy Consult


Since the liberalization of the energy market in 1999, Tenergy has advised the greenhouse horticulture sector and its affiliated parties (including governments) in the field of energy in the Netherlands, but now also outside the Netherlands (in particular North America). Tenergy Consult started its services with the bundling of gas and electricity on behalf of the larger greenhouse horticultural companies. As a result, Tenergy Consult has gained a lot of experience in the wholesale market for gas and electricity.

Joint energy supplies

In addition, Tenergy has set up several joint energy facilities based on CHP, but also joint energy infrastructures (for example, its own gas network, electricity or heat network), from feasibility to full management of the operation. The affiliated (s) (horticulturalists) can benefit from this through cooperation. Tenergy Consult takes care of the complete set-up: from technical design to legal arrangement, appropriate financing up to and including responsibility for the operation.